I spent probably 95% of my days away from home in Ticino. Since childhood this place had a very special meaning for me. Over the years I repeatedly rediscovered Ticino again and again.

Whenever I am in the neighborhood I feel this urge to go and explore Val Bavona. Either bringing along my climbing shoes or just to lose myself in the beauty of the wild nature, picturesque granite walls and huge chestnut forests.

In winter the valley is usually devoid of people. I heard that there are only 4 people still living all year in Val Bavona. Even though there are more and more people visiting the valley, winter is the best time to just experience the remoteness it once offered throughout the year. It is cold and damp, but the only sounds you can hear are your steps on the ground, waterfalls and rivers.

That said, I visit the valley most often in spring and fall. The colors, moods and climbing conditions are just unbeatable.

There is still plenty left to explore and discover.

Over the years, different lenses